Magic Bolivia

A Card Game by Jim Westergren



This game is my version of Magic the Gathering with a normal card deck.

A good idea is to print these rules or have them ready in your mobile phone.



The cards used are a standard deck which makes the card game is probably unique in its genre. Each player each have a deck of cards including 3 jokers. Sharing a deck is not recommended because the cards run out too quickly and it will not be a fair distribution.

You start with 30 lives. Keep track of them with for example poker chips.

The deck is shuffled and placed as a drawing pile (library as in Magic the gathering). Beside there is also a place for discarded cards (same as in MTG).

On a random way decide who will start the game.

Both players draw 10 cards in your hand before you start.

Tapping of cards

Cards that are used are turned 90 degrees (tapped). They are untapped at the beginning of your turn.

Placement of Cards

Mana sources are placed on a line and on a line over those the creatures.


Mana is used to play out cards as creatures and for casting spells.

Mana sources

Mana sources (like lands in Magic the Gathering) is a card that when used (turned) gives the player as much mana as the value of the card. Card number 5 thus provides 5 mana when it is turned. Mana sources can be used at any time to get mana, but the mana that is not used can not be saved but disappear when you or your opponent have finished their turn. For example, turn a queen to get 12 mana in opponent's turn, you only use 10 and then you begin with zero in your turn.

Player Phase

Each turn consists of four phases:

  1. Untapping
  2. Draw Phase
  3. Main Phase
  4. Attack

Phase 1: Untapping

Untapp all your cards.

Phase 2: Draw Phase

Normally, you draw two cards in this phase.

If your opponent controls two or more Mana sources than you do in this phase, you draw one additional card.

Phase 3: Main Phase

The main phase consists of up to three different optional events that can be done in the order you want.

Phase 4: Attack

Creatures must first have been in the game for at least one full turn before they can attack. A creature that attacks causes it to be tapped. Tap the creatures that are attacking and then the opponent player will choose which creatures will block. Creatures that are not blocked by the opponent's creatures attack the player and the players life is reduced by the same amount as the value of the creature.


Creatures that are not tapped can block attacking creatures from the opponent. The defender chooses. Creatures with higher value kills creatures with lower value. If they have the same value then both dies.


A player can cast spells at any time (even during an attack). Below is a list of the different spells with the most used highest in the list:

You can of course do several at a time. For example vitality with 20 mana then gives 8 life points.


You can during your main phase of your turn (before attacking) merge two creatures or two Mana sources into one. You just put a card with the same suit (hearts, diamonds, space, etc.) over another. Merged card can not be destroyed by Destroy - only by Destroy Fusion. This is the only difference. Important to do this with high value cards such as the kings.

Special Cards

Draw pile finishes

A player must draw the cards in the Draw Phase and if a player can not draw cards when he should have done he looses the game.

Clarification of Rules

  1. In opposite of Magic the Gathering - you can not in this game sacrifice cards or cast spells before a spell from the opponent goes in effect.
  2. If your life reaches 0 or less you loose the game. But you always have the option to sacrifice or ritual to get mana for vitality.
  3. Creatures that attack can not be sacrificed in the attack, but before the attack or immediately after the attack is over and before the opponent's turn.
  4. You can play a card as creature directly in fusion with another. This is to prevent the opponent to destroy it one second before you fusion it.

Strategy, Tactics and Tips

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